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procurEZ generates significant time and cost savings, while meeting all your e-procurement needs! Contact Us Now!
What our users say about ProcurEZ?
Exe. Chef
"I use the least time to approve daily market lists."
Group Purchaser
"Cut down 40% of time in ordering every day."
Financial Controller
"I can monitor all purchases no matter where I am."

What is ProcurEZ?

ProcurEZ is the only complete e-procurement solution that is tailor-made for the hospitality industry in Singapore. It comprises of:
An e-procurement system - enables organisations to effectily manage the entire internal purchasing process.
An e-inventory system - helps organisations to centrally manage their stores.
An e-recipe system - instant food cost analysis.
So whether your organisation runs a five star hotel chain or a new restaurant starting up, ProcurEZ is the solution for all your procurement needs.

What are ProcurEZ's key features?
Significant time and cost saving
Web-based, do your job at any time and at any place
Secure, full access control
Proven, results of 10 years e-procurement experience.
The only solution supports both food and non-food procurement.
Process Improvement, strong and flexible work flow engine to make the system working as your type.

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Our Clients
“At Far East Organization, we manage 8 hotels and 17 restaurants, which in total send out about 6000+ purchase orders and buy items from 3000+ suppliers every month. Using ProcurEZ has allowed us to streamline all procurement activities, saving time, effort and money. Through ProcurEZ, we’ve reduced the time taken to complete a purchase from an average 2-3 days to approximately 2-3 hours. It is especially convenient for us, as our managers are frequently travelling and yet can still approve purchases when overseas. In addition, we have done away with the messy and space-consuming physical documentation. We are very happy with the system.”

Mr. Kelvin Ling
Far East Organization
which adopted ProcurEZ since 2007
“ProcurEZ has given us complete control over all the purchasing requirements for our bar, restaurant, banquet services, store and office. As the Hollandse Club is a relatively small set up, we were very pleased that the system has been flexible to our procurement needs. Furthermore, ProcurEZ is entirely web-based, so we have had no hardware set up and have been able to get excellent returns for a relatively low investment.”

Mr. Andy Yap
Financial Controller
Hollandse Club
which adopted ProcurEZ since 2007
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